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SNS.RUN is a community-built API for the Sats Name System.


Sats Names is a standard for writing names to Bitcoin using ordinals. The goal is to build a name ecosystem for Bitcoin, that is built by Bitcoiners, and developed entirely on Bitcoin.
Someone was inscribing .ord and .btc names very early in ordinals. The Sats Name System (SNS) formalized this process, created first JSON protocol on Bitcoin, and introduced the .sats namespace. Today, SNS has been widely adopted and has inspired an explosion of namespaces and JSON meta-protocols on Bitcoin.
Learn more about Sats Names, the specification and indexing instructions? Head over to the official documentation.

Want to jump right in?

Jump in to the quick start docs and get making your first request:

Want to deep dive?

Explore our API reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the API:
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